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Friday, 5 February 2010

my freebies

Share today's is about..................FREE STUFF!!! its my new weird hobby..collecting freebies..
lately i'm a bit
depressed because i dont get any FREEBIES sent to my house...every morning mesti cepat2 turun bawah nk tgk freebies ape i dpt..but dalam seminggu lebih ni dah x dpt pape.. antara freebies i pnah dpt along with some useful tips:

this is my pregnancy diary..i have to pretend that i'm a pregnant woman to get this..its not a good thing to do..but its free anyway...its a very cute book tho..very details..

this one is my free organic tea bag...havent use it before..some tips:to make a perfect cup of tea, remember to let the tea brew for 2-4 minutes before adding the sugar or any way you want.=)

well this one is cute measuring cup for came along with a guide book and washing tips to solve all the laundry mysteries..some tips:
-always check the fabric care label
-to protect ur garments, try turning them inside out b4 washing
-smaller loads will result in better cleaning
(for any other washing tips...u can just ask me..i'm kinda an expert now..hehe)

this one here is my 2010 diary..its a small and handy diary. yet, i havent used it before..there is a london tube map inside btw.
this is among the first freebies that i got..i cant believe it was free..unistik3 is a single-use lancets to test your blood glucose level...less pain ,very safe and hygenic..but i havent used it, i simply said it was safe because the guide book said so..hehe

2 pic atas ni pulak koleksi perfume 'sample' i...atas dari kiri; escada marine groove, hugo boss for lelaki yg kacak, avril lavigne black star, hugo boss- orange, touch of pink, deep red, and christina alguilera by night. xpnah bukak pown cover sample tu.. part paling best die mcm poskad with my name on it!!!

yg nie my quit smoke i dont smoke k!!! i bdk kotak comel ni ade that round stuff, yg tu mcm roda impian, telling u how much u will save if u kurangkan merokok.. die ade bg snake yg comel,anti stress i xtau i letak mane,so xleh nk tunjuk. among other things are postcards, posters, stickes and a very helpful quit plan..

i fikir bnyak kali nk letak ni ke x..but i letak jer la...yg nie adalah....pndai2 la sendiri...die bg mcm2 x gna pown lagi.

well.....yg ni jer yg i nk share for fact, i have lots more to show and share dgn sumer..if any one interested in getting freestuff, u can just get it from any freebies website. i find it fun to do this..not a big deal..u just have to fill in ur name n address.sometimes kna jwb i enjoyed doing it.all the stuff mmg dipost cantik2 dlm envelope.but for the perfume sample die hntar camtu je la...nama pown poskad.

for those yg xde hobby,leh jer tiru my hobby...=)

thats all for now...
~ta ta

Thanks for reading


alhafiz said...

hehe... nice

steps said...

padan la bankrup company freebies tu.... org register ngn dia sbb nk brg free je, tp x beli...... (^^^)

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