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Saturday, 20 March 2010


Share lately i'm so busy plus stressed with lots lots and lots of work..and finally got to talk to my mom last night..she's my best friend ever besides my dad and my two little sisters.

before this, dah bnyak kali call mak..and no one pick up.then ain told me that alia tukar number ..and she keep using mom's phone without her first i was a bit angry with my lil sis..but even myself pown wat camtu dulu..LOL

hmmm...when i'm with them..i dont feel like having a 'bestfriend' nor having a 'BF'. bla bla..
so..back to the topic

my dad always tell me that 'dont trust others'..and i always have doubt with that..but lately i had a feeling that abah is right ..and i dont and will never ever trust people around me..

well first..i will never trust people that treat me good in sudden, coz those people may have other intension..xtau la bad or good..but to be on the safe side.. i choose not to trust them. this kind of people will treat u nice when they want something or expecting something from u..if u cant give it or cant reach their expectation..they will never treat u good anymore..u can also called them 'hypocrite'.org camtu mmg xlayak dibuat kwn.

then..i will never trust people that i fell i can trust..coz our instict doesn't always tell us the right thing kan.

next.. i will never easily trust people that trying to change me from bad girl to 'good girl' coz i see diorg sendiri pown mcm x me!!ramai giler org camtu di bumi ini..even myself x faham ape motif diorg. bagus jer ape niat diorg, just i cant trust them 100%..

then..i will never trust people yg try to control yg busybody nk tau semua yg complain bout everything.. i hate those kind of people...i probably treat u nice coz i'm not that mean..i just dont trust u!! i'm not a small child yg xtau pape k..

DON'T TRUST SOMEONE EASILY..tu je kot yg i leh share..kita mesti ingat ramai manusia di luar sana menunggu peluang jer untuk menipu dan memperdayakan kita..bak perpatah org melayu..manusia ni rambut jer sama hitam tapi hati lain-lain.

Thanks for reading

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al kyra said...

'TRUST'lah Allah... =D

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