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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

spring collection


hye all..tetiba dpt inspirasi nk kongsi some of my fashion tips and collection...all of the stuffs yg i nk tunjuk mostly all the things that i love..xkisah la dh ade dlm wardrobe or going to get it soon..ataupun tgk je la yg aku

This set i made them myself because i'm so in love with lace..i own the cardigan and the tops..

guess what?? i get it by cheaper price. got exactly the same cardigan for 10 GBP and the top for 4 GBP,..

I'd found that skinny jeans suit with any shirts or dresses..and it really give u the look!!

i prefer to wear dark jeans. i had a pair of skinny jeans from Newlook, 20 GBP and i love it..=)

As the fashion seasons change, skinny jeansget only more and more popular, more versatile, and … more tight!

Last but not least gladiator for myself, i prefer a flat shoe with a very casual look. Gladiator shoe were worn by men to cover up their legs in an era devoid of trousers, but nowadays they have evolved into classic wear for women, ranging from ankle length to boots.

Gladiator shoes are back this spring!!. So ladies, buckle up. Get those dresses out. And enjoy these Roman Beauties. Because this is one shoe that is stylish while being flat and elegant with heels.

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