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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Gorgeous hair

Share's post will be about my daily hair care..i used to x ambik kisah about my hair. Lg pown i pkai tudung. Sape akan nampak pown..Tp bila difikirkan balik..its not about showing off..its called 'Satisfaction'. For My own satisfaction...(^_^)
Everyone was born with a unique hair type..Tak semua org ade jenis rambut yg itu semua x penting..Yg penting is How Do We Take Care of its..So Penyejuk Hati (sejuk la sngt) nk share some of her hair care product.

For me shampoo and conditioner xperlu lah yg mahal2 something yg really suits us..sometimes to get the right one for us, kita kena la cuba2 for me, I pkai Herbal Essences 'Hello Hydration'..My hair xde la kering sngt, but I always prefer shampoo for damager or dry hair bcoz its give u a better care and protection..Extra..Extra Moisture. Another tips, Always use the conditioner that was meant to be..(over lak ayat). meaning condiotioner yg dicipta utk shampoo tu..sbb akan balance ur hair pH.

The next thing is Hair Mask. Just as a facial mask can help correct imbalances in you complexation, a hair mask can work to keep ur hair in top shape. As for me, i use tresemme hair mask..harga die murah sikit berbanding brand yg lain..but it work so well for mosturizes sooooooooo good.
Ni part yg best..Hair serum. BAnyak betul jenama yg bagus..I just started using hair serum about 2 months ago, and the product i chose was JOHN FRIEDA FRIZZ EASE hair serum..2009 best beauty international hair product brand..and all his product is super good. this serum yg i pkai instantly smoothen and add shine to my hair.Recommended!!

hair spray from tresemme


  •  using vinegar after washing your hair..campur dengan air, the rinse well..will add shine to your hair
  • olive oil
thats all for now..will be updated soon!!

Thanks for reading

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