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Saturday, 29 May 2010

One Month Anniversary

Share Its been a while since my last post..Its raining outside and I'm freaking cold inside the house..thank God for my lovely portable heater..He keeps me winter warm most of the time..but not exactly just winter warm, but also spring warm! yup..thats right. Its Spring now but its still cold like winter days...haiya!!sejuk wo!

By the main point today is not about cold, chocolate and so on..but its about  My Vegetarian Experience..Today is my One Month Anniversary..YaY!! no meat for one month...and the result was.. I loose some weight and i feel damn gooooooooooooooooooood about myself..=)

However..I was thinking about quiting from being a full time vegetarian..well, i do miss chicken, fish and so on..but i see them as 'toxic' than can kill me...Hmmm....I'm trying to be good with my tummy and my digestive system..cause i dont want them to be hurt again..But its ok, let time decides for me..Maybe eating chicken once a week wont upset my tummy afterall..

Thats all for now..
 ' Live a Healthy Lifestyle'
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