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Thursday, 3 June 2010

selembut sutera

Share hmm..lembutnya kain sutera..wangi pulak tu..'s product review its not about sutera,,tp kulit yg lembut dan wangi seperti sutera.. 2 product yg i really love and baru je abis guna which is Vaseline Aloe Fresh hydrating and Nivea Creme..

Vaseline Aloe Fresh
Recommended by Aqidah (promote adik juniorku yg comel) and dipromotekan kepada Aida (kosmate ku selama 3 thn di UK). Very fantastic product. This product is so easy to apply and it absorb to my skin very quickly. It definitely feels mousturizing (not sticky or greasy) and I love the fact that it smells so fresh and nice, like what it said on the bottle..I think it just smell like aloe vera, a fresh cut aloe vera..On top of everthing, it priced right, just like the other lotion products in the drugstore. well..Why bother buying an expensive lotion when U can find a good lotion that does what it said!! I really recommended this product to all of u. Oh i forgot..this lotion contain spf15 ..A new budget lotion with SPF. rating: A

Nivea creme
When it comes to good skin care product, Nivea is always a product trusted by most of the people. Nivea creme is something I've seen around the shops for years. Its like the 'nenek' or grandmother for all moisturizer and is widely available in almost all the drugstore. This product is very cheap, effective on very dry skin and is so versatile. This creme has a slightly floral fragrance which is light and not over powering. On application this creme feel very thick therefore u might need to apply just a little amount as it spread very easily..However, it has a slightly greasy texture to it and it does take a few minutes to soak into the skin. I bought this on sale ( 200ml + free 30ml blue pot). The blue pot is very handy and i carried it in my bag all the time. Rating: A (but vaseline aloe fresh hydrating works better).

the 30ml handy blue pot 

That all for now,
From a friendly girl and beauty addict (^_^)


(coming soon nivea firming body lotion, and palmer firming butter)

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