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Monday, 1 November 2010

Dinner with housemate

Share I cant remember which day exactly but one thing I do remembered We had so so much fun there..the foods were very delicious..the waiter was damn cute. I ordered chessy creamy baked tortellini ( i dont actually remember the exact name, but the meal was superb!!) well, tortellini is one of my most favourite pasta especially stuffed with cheese and spinanch..nyummy!!

The best part is the waiter made a surprised by bringing me a 'love cake' bought by housemates. I told him to bring the cake after we finished eating but he actually serve it with candle and play us a birthday song...aww...what a lovely dinner..everyone were clapping hand and wishing me 'happy birthday'..
the truth is..its not even my real birthday...LOL
But what most important is we all had such a wonderful night together..girls night out..=))

the cake


Thank you so much girls...LOve YOU ALL so much LAH....xoxo

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