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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Inside out Diet


Hye everyone..'s post is going to be about my diet plan..I've being talking so much about health and beauty product so I want to try something different today. My new post topic will be about 'Diet plan' where I am mostly going to touch on how we can feel good on the inside as well as feeling good on the outsite. 

When we talk about DIET..what came across our mind are weight-loss, food type and colories content. Yet despite all this, many people are unaware about different aspects to keep ourself healthy and fit.

My entry today will be focusing on the 'Inside out diet' which also mean 'to keep our digestive system happy' (^_^)

It is very important for everyone to take care of our digestive system so we will not have any digestive system problem such as bloating and discomfort, constipation, diarrhoea or even other serious problems such as Irratable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Bowel Cancer.

Unsurprisingly, EATING a HEALTY, balanced diet is the easiet way to keep our digestive system and other part of our body in TIP TOP shape..

Here's the lowdown:
  • Boost  those friendly bacteria in the gut..HOW? As for me..I eat yogurt almost everyday and my favourite yogurt will always be MULLER CORNER..besides yogurt you can have probiotic drink everyday before breakfast.remember GOOD BACTERIA can also boost our immune system and protect us from disease.

  • SLEEP..believe it or not, the amount of sleep we had can can affect our bowel habits..indeed, too little sleep can lead to weight gain. so make you have sufficient sleep! TIPS: calculate your sleep time (7-8 hours sleep), avoid eating large meal 2-3 hour before sleep (brush your teeth early so you dont feel like eating anymore-work well for me) and make sure your pillow and mattress are super comfortable..Zzz

  • EXERCISE..As we know our digestive tract is ringed with muscles that contract to help move the food. Simply beaing more active in our daily life is good starting point. As for me, I do light exercises in my room for at least 15 minutes everyday but going shopping is an exceptional because I walk alot.maybe more that 10,000 steps..Here's the tips you can apply into your routine to make sure you walk alot and of coz burned all the   calories:
  • band all lift and escalator and use stairs instead
  • stop shopping online and return to walking around your shopping centre..
  • Take the room upstairs if you're living in a double storey house
  • Dont bring down many items at one time-take item upstairs and downstairs individually..=)
  • STAYING HYDRATE.drink at leas 6-8 glass of water a day.Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (5 a day). Take water break instead of coffee break.

I think thats all for today..I hope all of this will help you to get in good shape inside out..Some of the tips work so well for me as I notice a difference in a couple of weeks.I loose weight (about 5kg), my bladder system was good and of coz I dont feel sleepy most of the time  in class like I normally do..
oh ya..make sure you plot the progress and see if you can improve on your result day by day =)

Happy trying 

Thanks for reading

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