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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Kecik je pown

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Last week I pg Italy with my good friend Hanida..we started our trip from Milan all the ways down to Venice, Pisa and finally Rome..Mcm2 jadi kt sana..dpt kwn ngan sorg mamat brazil, Rafael..then snow tebal kt Pisa..Berjalan almost 1 hour to find our hotel kt Venice and  flight delayed sbb surprised snow kt Rome..Whatever it is..Italy was so beautiful..

Well of coz dh smpai Italy mesti la..or wajib visit 2 of the 7 wonders of the world which are The Leaning towe of PISA and of coz the Coloseum.Selama ni dok tgk dlm tv ja.I always imagine that both world heritage was so huge and bila dh ada depan mata..the first word that came out from my mouth was...'kecik je pown' and 'xdak la besaq sngt'.

Awal2 tu excited sngt dok bergambar..lama2 smpai xdak keja nk wat..bak kata Hanida 'Bosan..dok tgk batu ja...'..therefore, kami pown bergambar dgn bayang2..

comel x??

And here's are the rest of the pictures..


LV  in Milan romantic..


snowing kt PISA..

thats all for now...daa

Thanks for reading


nurul ain (khan) said...

best nya ^___^ shopping kat i skali na...hehe

kamarukom said...

bile la bleh g sane...honeymoon nt la kot huhuhu

penyejuk hati said...

dtg la..sronok..pisa, rome ngan venice kna pg!

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