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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Natural ways to inhibit hair growth

Share Although body hair is perfectly normal to every man and women, most women nowadays choose to remove the 'unwanted' hair from their leg, face,undearm and well...almost every part of their body. Nowadays, there are so many ways nak buang body hair nie..from shaving, depilatory cream and waxing..Even waxing pown ada bnyak jenis..sugar waxing, hot wax la..cold wax la..but, they are not parmanent which mean your body hair will start to grow back as normal..then we have to repeat doing all those stuff again..

One of the best method is to inbihit the growth..or perhaps lower the growth rate..mcm experiment lak..The best method of coz la by mana nk cari duit nk wat semua tu..unless u came from a rich family or married to a rich man.x pown simpan duit sendiri..

So why waste our money while we can use natural takes time..but worth ur money harmful chemical pown..salah satu cara is by using tumeric or kunyit.

Turmeric is used as a beauty aid for very long time across various cultures to get rid of unwanted hairs. Turmeric makes the skin soft. Turmeric has been used in parts of South India mostly by women to arrest the growth of excessive facial hair. Turmeric is an antiseptic and using it may be the most inexpensive method to reduce the facial hair growth in the gentlest way.

You can remove hair from your legs, face and underarms by scrubbing with a turmeric paste. 

1. Mix ½ cup of turmeric with just enough milk to make a thick paste. 

2.Spread this paste on your legs in the direction of hair growth and let it dry (about 15 to 30 minutes),

4.Add some water over the paste and rub gently in circular motion suing your hand or dry cloth.

5.Wash off with luke warm water

6.Every few days or as you see hair growth, repeat the treatment.

Tumeric stain can be it is best to wear old clothing or apron when applying tumeric. 

After this, you should be free from hair-removal duty for a couple of weeks. Over time, this method may also thin the hair and slow growth.

Happy trying!!

Thanks for reading


nurul ain (khan) said...

owww~ XD

penyejuk hati said...

i've tried once..abis baju kna kunyit..carpet

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