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Sunday, 16 January 2011

I am not your enemy

I will fight, one more fight
Don't break down in front of me
I will fight, when you fight
I am not the enemy
I will fight one last time
Are you listening to me
I will fight , one last night
I am not your enemy

Everyone is sick of caring
No silver lining on the cloud that covers you
Let it pour and soak you through
No hunted desperation
so sit and wait for death
And play it takes you soon
The addiction's taking you

Semalam the whole day I sat on my chair listening to this song..Lagu ni tajuk die ‘ The last fight by Bullet For my valentine’..You people must be thinking..what song is that?? or why is she listening to heavy metal song..?

Jangan pelik perempuan yg nampak lembut (lembut ke?) mcm I x layan lagu heavy metal nie..Lagu best kita layan je la..xkisah ape genre pun.

So, basically this song is about drug addiction or some sort of comes from a point of a view of a person trying to help his friend going trough this whole problem, die nak tolong kawan die lalui saat-saat sukar ni..but his friend don’t even care and always throw back their help back to their face..kire ni la kali terakhir die nk tolong kwn die.. (the last fight)

In my point of view..this song has more to do with changing your own bad habits and references the struggles you are going through in order to fix youself, in order to become a better person. Semua orang nak berubah, nak buang bad habit masing-masing, tapi kita selalu salahkan ‘one addiction’ or salahkan orang lain or persekitaran daripada achieving what we know that we can. Its  a fight or battle that everyone have to end up winning it.

Piano version die sngt gorgeous utk didgr..

“Keep on Fighting and never lose hope”

Thanks for reading


daku.kamo said...

mcm manarik je lagu nie..
tapi sayang..
sy xboleh tgok..
internt slow gler2..

Firdaus Kasim said...

awk, skrg dah keje ke?

penyejuk hati said...

ye sy..
study lg..bln8 thn ni insyaAllah keja. a lecturer to be (^_^)

Anonymous said...

gud luck n never give up!
love this song too...

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