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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Segment: My favourite Artist


Hye semua..sarah ditag by Bahulu oren for this segment which was originally made by SHEA ..Firstly, thank you so much for tagging me..First time kena I was super duper excited (^_^)..So, basically this segment is about my favourite artist..bnyaknya dlm my mind..but have to choose the most favourite..klik here for more info-My Favourite Artist-


  • korg ltk banner kat ats nih dlm entry korg . link kan skali
  • nk follow suke hati . tk nk pon tkpe .
  • jwb soalan soalan dibwah
  • letak gmba fav artist korg skali
  • ltk kan link kat komen box entry nih .
  • tag 3 kawan korg
soalan :
  1. siape fav artist korg ? (tk kesah korea , eng or wateva . and group pon bole )
  2. nape suke dye ?
  3. bagi 3 point pasl dirinye . .
  4. nyatekan 2 lagu/drama/filem yg dye nyanyi/berlakon
  5. ape yg korg nk buat kalau jmpe fav artist korg ?
  6. kalau birthday fav artist korg , korg nk bagi hadiah ape ?

And My Favourite artist is:



Katherine Heigl

  • For me she is a very talented actress..and oh what a beauty!! I’m a big fan of romantic comedy,slalu ar tgk movie2 die..
  • 3 points about her : anak bongsu drpd 3, She’s half Irish and half German, eye colour: green (tapi nmpak brown dlm pic tu)
  • Roswell (1999), 27 Dresses (2007), movie paling latest sarah pnah tgk die belakon citer Life as we know it (2010)
  • Kalau dpt jmpa.xnk la just taking pictures, kalau bleh i want to make her as my friend..nk spent one whole day dgn die at a beach in Hawaii..then force her to get a drink with GIANT milk shakes so we could laugh and laugh together  for hours..ok, I’ll stop now
  • Her bday November 24 nanti, maybe wish bday die..and go out for a dinner with her..(^_^)
  • That’s it for now,
    sarah tag..
    everyone yg baca

Thanks for reading


Cik Miera said...

haha..kene tag lak..hadoi..kalau xminat mana2 aris cmne dear?hihi...thanks tag miera..gud luck tau awk ^_^

Noor Adibah Binti A.Latif said...

tq sebab follow ibahpanda.blogspot.
saya follow blog awak pulak.. hee.. keep intouch..

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